Monday, September 20, 2010

Homework 9/14 - Pirates of Venus

     The story of Pirates of Venus is a tale that is centered around a man named Carson, who tells his story about the time he went on a spaceship to venture into Mars, but the rockets were redirecting his ship and crash landed into Venus, as well as a civilization that are known as Amtorans (they named Venus as Amtor). During the time Carson is there he learns the Amtors' culture and language, but falls in love with the princess of the village, however it is discovered that he has bacteria, and it was known that Amtorans had no bacteria, and it did not help that he was in love with the daughter of the chief of the village. He is then sent on a series of arranges to prove his worth which ranges from love, betrayal, and adventure.

     The genre Pirates of Venus would be known as, is the science fiction/adventure genre. The typical science fiction novel would be tale of epic proportion in space with intergalactic galaxies and extra terrestrial life form, and Pirates of Venus starts the tale with an unnamed man telling a story via telepathy from another individual who is on a fictional version of Venus where there is human life form residing. 

     Pirates of Venus, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1934, was considered to be only one of the six volumes in the Venus Arc. Burroughs has been known for writing other stories such as Tarzan, however Pirates of Venus has been known for being a story that has a unique twist with writing, an example being that the story is being told via telepathy between the character Carson and the author of the story (who remains unnamed) instead of the normal first person, second person, and third person perspective.

     Pirates of Venus was also written during the hight of the Ku Klux Klan and it was noticeable in the story when Carson smirked at his mutineers having a very obvious similarity to that of the KKK. Based on the quote, Burroughs may or may not have a connection to the cult, and it has remained a mystery.

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