Monday, September 6, 2010

Homework 8/31 - Fairy Tale

A Modern Fairy Tale 

   There once lived a silent girl from Canada named Moe, who was always a people pleaser and never the pleased. Her cheerful demeanor and positive outlook made her a helping hand always for those in need, never complaining no matter how bad. It was because of that she was called and texted on an hourly regular basis. There was not a day that went by, that her cell phone would not let out roaring buzz.
    “Hey Moe? Can you come and give me a hand?” the text would read, and not a moment too soon, she would jump off her bed and into the car, driving as fast as she can to the person afar. The cell phone would give another loud buzz within twenty minutes later, and like a gypsy, Moe was rush to the next destination.
Amongst the constant callers and texties, her dear boyfriend Stan, requested her presence to his home, and being the loyal girlfriend, she drove like a bat out of a cave. One would think that this would be Moe's only time of being pleased, but that is far from the truth, because being the people pleaser that she is, she would give her whole self, mind and body, to Stan, which in turn was either just to hug Stan for three hours a day or to listen to him rant about his day. “Oh Moe” Stan would sigh dreamingly, “What ever should I do if you were not here?” With her mouth ready to respond, Stand quickly flipped over to his bed and fell asleep, forgetting that poor Moe was still clutched between his arms. BUZZ went her phone, another request, and with just a flick of the wrist, Moe was gone, but not before she had to watch her dear Stan pout.
     A casual routine this was for 365 days and 24 hours, until one day she got more calls she could stand “Moe I need help with my homework” “Moe, help me carry this 36” television to my fifth floor apartment” “Moe, can you help me with directions? I seem to be lost”. As per usual, dear Stan has called, requesting her presence one again. As Moe was giving her daily hug and listening to his endless rants, flustered and tired from the hard days work, her cell phone erupted with a text of distress. Annoyed by the pesky interference, dear Stan made a bold proclamation to the exhausted Moe “Dearest Moe, why not live here with me? No more running or hassles, just be with me and no one else.” Moe shook her head no, and pushed him away, some nerves he has to say such cruel things, she drove home as fast as she could, a minute or two to be with herself. She slammed her door shut and fell on her knees, with a deep mighty breath, Moe roared “I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!” She glanced at her phone and saw the distress messages, so with her dextrous fingers she replied to all and simply wrote:

Later guys, I'M GOING TO VEGAS!”

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