Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Classwork 11/9 - Female Body in Media

Female Body in the Media

     When looking at this picture of the Victoria Secret's model, one has to ask themselves, what is it? And what on earth does it suppose to represent aside from a model posing in lingerie? For starters, this model represents the ideal representation of what a woman's body is suppose to  look like, and how the merchandise can help "enhance" the look. For her appearance, she's a beautiful brunette with a toned body. There aren't any tattoos on her body (at least, none that are visible) and her body posture is one that poses that she is self aware of her appearance. Her facial expression is one that shows little to no emotion aside from the fact that she is making lingerie look both sexy and appealing. The message in the picture could also suggest "amazing" things to people. The picture is shot at a beach-type location to enhance the romantic appeal for the costumers while the sexy model is posing in a near walking stance, beautifully at that, with the clothing item. The message conveyed in this picture is nothing short of trying to sell sex apparel as well as enhance the love life with couples by buying their products.

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