Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Class Work - Media Speculation

     Within the time frame of today and the morning five years from now, to be perfectly honest, I don't think there will be a lot of changes regarding television, computers and phones. The most to happen between now and in the future is the possibility that technology, mainly in the film industry, will be beyond it's time. 3D movies would be viewable without the needs of glasses. Perhaps, the 3D movies will be showing signs of age due to it's constant use and if it is anything we have learn, is that technology is always evolving. 

     If we were to go farther into the future, say, fifteen years, then perhaps laptops having the capability to show 3D movies within the viewing of your computer screens (without glasses) as well as a 3D camera built into one's cell phones so you can take pictures in 3D, but that's just silly.

     But let's say FIFTY years. My view on media and the evolution of technology? There will be such a jump in technology ranging from everything: computers, phones, movies, televisions, cars... it would just be beyond people's expectations. 3D would probably not even be considered 3D, if anything all the movies done now would be considered an oldie or a classic like most movies end up becoming. Video Games will have an interesting view with controllers, take the Kinetic for example, that will become the new technology only the graphics for the video games will become immersive 3D instead of just pretty graphics on a flat 2D screen. However, between now and fifty years, I do expect there to be working flying cars. 

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